David Beermann
Procedural Artifacts
Install Theme
What did we once do with all the hours we now spend obsessively checking e-mail and texts?
If there are no questions, there are no answers. If there are questions, then, of course, there are answers, but the final answer makes the questions seem absurd, whereas the questions, up until then, seem more intelligent than the answers.

—  Cage, J. (1961). Silence – Lectures and writings by John Cage. Wesleyan University Press. Middletown, Connecticut, USA. (p. 118).

The idea that you must sacrifice privacy for convenience is really a false dichotomy.

Abosch K. (2014). The Death of Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Medium. https://medium.com/tech-talk/2a2236dc2215. Last accessed May 11th, 2014.

TramVibration. Project by Haco and Toshiya Tsunoda

In a consumer society like ours, it is through buying goods that reality takes shape. The moment money is exchanged, a possible future becomes real. If it did not sell it would be sent back, becoming a rejected reality. In a consumer society, the moment we part with our money is the moment a little bit of reality is created. Not just physical reality or cultural but psychological, ethical, and behavioral.

— Dunne, A. Raby, F. (2013). Speculative Everything. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: The MIT Press. p. 37.

Screencapture of the proof of concept application for the Cage/Reich installation.